Monday, January 21, 2008

Welcome: An Introduction

Hello and welcome to the Better Living Through Biology Blog.

We live in interesting times in terms of how the work of biological researchers interact with the everyday life of the populous. Bans on stem cell research pushed by the President, the development of highly advanced prosthetic arms for troops with sensitive skin, the push for applied medical research by the NIH, cloned cows, and the conflict with evolutionary biology with Intelligent Design in the classroom all show how the impact of biological sciences on the everyday life of the citizens of earth grow with each passing experiment.
I decided to start this blog partly as an effort to expose myself to a wider variety of biomedical topics and improve my writing about science but also as a forum to talk about things i think are important in regards to biomedical research and society. I want this to be a forum where people can post about topics that outline the changing face of biomedical sciences in the years ahead. From public policy to groundbreaking research articles, this blog hopes to be a compendium of how biology is improving the human condition by the small steps that scientists take everyday. while sounding like serious dive into the world of biomedical research, i hope to construct this blog so that its amusing as well as informative because I am not above posting YouTube clips of scientists dancing (why are there so many?).

So as the name of the blog implies, this blog hopes to show you how we all live better through biology.

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