Friday, January 25, 2008

NSF Science Indicators

The other day, the Framing Science blog brought up the newly released chapter 7 in the NSF publication Science Indicators. Chapter 7 is focused on science and techonology and their appreciation and understanding by the public. This new chapter is an update of their previous Chapter 7 with update surveys of the American populous. You can download the PDF here.

I've just begun reading it so ill post more about what the studies find in the coming days. ive read over the Highlights section (hooray for one page synopses!) and i find some of their findings warming to my cold dead heart, while others... are very disappointing.

The most disheartening portion of what ive read so far is that while the american public appreciates and endorses our past science acheievements, and support the continuation of science innovation, they apparently have an abysmall understanding of basic science when compare to other western civs. And to drive another stake into my pounding heart o' science, is that while supportive of Science and Techology as a whole, they still remain skeptical of research in the realm of evolution....AND more people approve than disapprove of teaching the debate between established theories of evolution and ID and creationism. *tear* my scientific america! WHERE ARE YOU GOING!

i personally cannot see how you can support science and believe in the advances made in science in a broad sense but decide to disagree with a very large and important pillar of biological science. Evolutionary theory led to the development of many of the tools we use in biological science today. Its like believing in cars but not in engines. I think it hinders the advancement in the sciences when basic concepts are 1) not understood 2)doubted by a majority of the populous.

welp thats my sciencey rant for the day

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Katie said...

I agree that it's hard to support science while not supporting evolution. But the people who don't believe in evolution were raised in schools that didn't teach it properly, or didn't teach it at all. Well, that's what I think at least. I have a friend who is in my discipline (bioengineering) who wholeheartedly believes the earth is 6000 years old, and I believe that comes from a lack of evolution teachings in grade school as well as a strong teaching of religion from her family and community. Also, I think you should post more about the happenings in science. :)